Cross Border Compensation & Misconceptions about Money/Property and Family Law

There will be two topics covered during this webinar:

1. Cross Border Compensation

    Speaker: Peter Megoudis, B.C.L., LL.B., LL.M. of Trowbridge PC

2. Misconceptions about Money/Property and Family Law

    Speaker: Julie Zimmerman, J.D. of Bortolussi Family Law

24 Jul 2018, 7:00 PM

2 CPD hours


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Course Description

1. Cross Border Compensation

Peter Megoudis will provide an overview of the Canadian and US nonqualified deferred compensation rules, with a focus on the Canadian salary deferral arrangement exceptions and section 409A of the US Code.   The session will discuss various traps, as well as planning opportunities, for US taxpayers participating in typical Canadian plans and Canadian taxpayers participating in typical US plans.  Plans discussed will include stock options, bonuses, RSUs, and DSUs.

2. Misconceptions about Money/Property and Family Law

Julie Zimmerman will discuss the following:


To be “legally separated” you must be “physically separated”

      • Difference between the definition of “separated” for tax purposes and for family law purposes
      • What the date of separation means and why it is important

2) The end of child/spousal support is clear

      • When my child turns 18 child support ends
      • If I remarry I can stop paying spousal support
      • When I retire I can stop paying spousal support

3) “Division of property” means I pay half of what I own to my spouse

      • The law in Ontario
      • What is “property”; exemptions from equalization; special treatment of MH
      • Timing (significance of Date of Marriage/Date of Separation)

4A matrimonial home “belongs” to both spouses

      • Possession of the matrimonial home
      • Ownership/legal title
      • Division of equity at current date vs. equalization as at the date of separation
5) I do not have to concern my family law lawyer when it comes to arranging my financial affairs

      • Adjustments to income: Income Tax Act vs. Child Support Guidelines
      • Personal debt vs. business debt
      • Bankruptcy

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About the Instructor(s)

Picture of Peter Megoudis
Peter Megoudis


Director, Expatriate tax


Peter Megoudis is a Director with the Expatriate Tax group of Trowbridge in Toronto.   He has over 22 years of tax experience, and has been extensively involved in the field of Canadian and U.S. executive compensation and benefits, as well as cross-border personal tax planning, for the past 19 years. Peter consults with Canadian, U.S., and other international employers on various employee benefits, payroll, deferred compensation and equity compensation matters, as well as with high net worth individuals on cross border entity, trust, and estate planning. 

Peter is a frequent speaker in both internal and external conferences on various compensation and cross-border topics, having appeared or presented at BNN, STEP, the LSUC, the CICA, CERC, the Federated Press, and the US Tax Professionals Association, and has published several articles in various publications on cross border issues.

Peter received his B.C.L. (Civil Law) and LL.B. (Common Law) degrees from McGill University and his LL.M. Master of Laws degree from the University of Toronto. He is currently a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Canadian Tax Foundation.

Picture of Julie Zimmerman
Julie Zimmerman

Julie Zimmerman, B.Sc. (Hons.), J.D.

Family Law Lawyer / Collaborative Lawyer / Litigator

Julie has been practicing Family Law since her call to the bar in 2010 in a full range of Family Law matters, including complex parenting, financial support, and property issues.  She negotiates and drafts Marriage Contracts and Separation Agreements and represents her clients in the Collaborative Family process, mediations, arbitrations and in court.  Julie obtained her Juris Doctorate degree at Osgoode Hall Law School, and her Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from York University.

Julie is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, York Region Family Law Association, and York Collaborative Practice.

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