CaseView - Fundamentals

The objective of the CaseView training course is to learn how to create automated and intelligent CaseView financial documents and link to trial balance in CaseWare. The course includes step-by-step instructions to create a complete set of client's financial statements using powerful and intelligent tools available in CaseView. You will create a financial statement template for the balance sheet, cash flow statement, retained earnings statement, income statement, and FS notes. There are more than 10 training videos, several case studies (walk-through), several practice cases, presentation/slides, and other valuable resources. The course also includes:- Walkthrough of real-world Financial statements; Several hands-on practice exercises; and Simple to complex real-world cases

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4 CPD hours


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Course Description

  • Learn to create a financial statement template
  • How to link trial balance and engagement information from Caseware to financial statement in Caseview
  • How to use Mapping codes to automatically generate financial statement in Caseview
  • How to create and edit cells and tables
  • How to enter formulas and codes
  • How to create notes to the financials and cross-reference notes
  • How to edit the financial statement line items
  • How to use the auto rounding
  • Learn all formatting options - fonts, tabs, paragraph formatting, automatic numbering of notes, styles, etc
  • How to effectively use underlining and currency symbols
  • How to Create a Table of contents
  • Mastering proper tab stops
  • Create Financial statements Notes using Automatic note numbers and Automatic note references

Course Walkthrough

  • How to Create a New CaseView Document
  • Case Study 2 Part A (Current and Fixed Assets Section)
  • Case Study 2 Part B (Liabilities and Equity Section)
  • Excel File for Case Study 2
  • Case Study 3 - Practice Case
  • Certificate: CaseView - Fundamentals
  • Feedback / comments

About the Instructor(s)

Picture of Affan Khalid
Affan Khalid

Affan Khalid, CPA, CA is a Senior Manager in International Tax at MNP LLP. He has over 15 years of experience and provides international tax advice to Canadian and foreign-based multi-nationals with a focus on inbound and outbound tax planning and structuring, including financing structures, acquisitions and dispositions, tax due diligence, reorganizations and cash repatriation strategies. He obtained his BBA from the University of Toronto and have completed In-depth International course and In-depth tax program.

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