My Father Died In Long Term Care 20 Years Ago. What I Learned Then And What You Need To Know Now

The long term care system—encompassing home and community care, retirement home care, long term home care and palliative care—has always been the poor cousin of the hospital system in each province. For over 20 years, provincial governments have underfunded and undervalued their long term care systems to the point where COVID-19 has exposed the overwhelming neglect that is now bringing long term care as we know it to its knees. But it is not only governments who are to blame; because the majority of Canadians have not planned financially for their long term care needs, they have in too many cases been forced to accept a work-around because government subsidized long term care is the cheapest option.

In this session I will describe how the present system managed before the virus and what happened during COVID-19. I will then make suggestions on how to begin to fix the system to improve the lives of older Canadians as they move through the long term continuum of care.

Finally, as a result of COVID-19 I will discuss several issues that your clients need to pay attention to—the damaging impact of social isolation and the critical role of advance care planning.

8 May 2020, 11:00 AM

1.5 CPD hours


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About the Instructor(s)

Picture of Karen Henderson
Karen Henderson

Karen Henderson Hon. BA, CPCA


Long Term Care Planning Network



As the result of a life changing 14 - year dementia care experience, Karen founded the Long Term Care Planning Network, Canada’s leading resource centre for aging and long term care planning and education. Her seminar series, web site, print and electronic tools are recognized as key long term care educational resources for Canadians and their families.

Karen is a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging and is author of a unique series of print resources including: The 10-Step Long Term Care Planner.

Karen has helped a wide range of Canadians and their families, professional advisors and employers understand the implications of aging and long term care on financial, personal and family well-being.

During COVID-19 Karen has been interviewed several times on CBC radio and has contributed to the Globe and Mail.

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