2020: Personal Tax Practice – Issues & Strategies

The morning session had a close look at tax matters and applied them to actual tax return examples. In this session, we shift the focus to the operational challenges faced by practitioners as well as the business and administrative side of running a tax practice that is often overlooked in tax courses.

28 Jan 2021, 1:30 PM

3.5 CPD hours


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Course Description

We will help you build strategies and approaches to apply to your practice to save time, headaches and build solid relationships with clients.

  • Current CRA projects and assessment policies in the areas of real estate, rental income, business income and other areas including issues related to COVID-19 emergency response benefits
  • A look at CRA’s current administrative policies and appeals process as they related to the area personal income tax and the effect they have on running a smooth and profitable tax practice
  • A review of recent influential court cases and those decisions that have significant impact on common client situations and how they may change the way prepare returns and consult clients
  • Assembling a database of resources to help us with personal tax practice management including the cataloging of court cases dealing with common filing questions and issues encountered in daily practice
  • Influential and decisions that can be used as guidance in our tax practice as well as negotiating resources with CRA as they review our client returns. We also looked at are strategies on building an arsenal of cases to help fight against common CRA tax challenges to get the best results for your clients.
  • Running an efficient tax practice including strategies, practice policies and various methodologies used by experienced and seasoned practitioners to help you survive tax season

This course is ideal for those who are looking to start their own practice or perhaps supplement their income with tax preparation services. As many practitioners will tell you, preparing the T1 return is only one element of running a successful T1 practice.


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About the Instructor(s)

Picture of Ian DiNovo
Ian DiNovo

Ian has been in involved in accounting & public practice for over 20 years, where he has consulted with hundreds of businesses and prepared thousands of Canadian personal and corporate tax returns.

Canadian Tax Academy is a unique and innovative learning enterprise dedicated to passing his knowledge and experience to students, new practitioners and others interested in private practice and accounting and bookkeeping businesses through web-based tutorials and courses.

He delivers comprehensive and practical courses and training in the areas of Canadian personal and corporate tax.

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