2020: Corporate T2 Practice - Best Practice Tips & Traps

The corporate tax world is a constantly changing landscape that is shaped by the political environment of the day and the CRA’s initiatives, assessing policies and vast collection powers.

This course is structured to help you navigate this increasingly complex world and provide you with the tools to help you run a successful, efficient and less stressful corporate tax practice.

9 Feb 2021, 1:30 PM

3.5 CPD hours


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Course Description

Throughout this course, we will look at the following areas:

  • A close look at CRA’s current collection powers and initiatives that have immediate implications on our tax planning. These can drastically affect not only our corporate owner-managers, but also family members who may find themselves inadvertently caught in the CRA’s web.
  • Determining risk on a client file – A useful approach that you should apply to every new (or existing) client that is looking to hire you as an accountant. Should you take them on as a client? This method and critique of client’s financial and tax position can provide you with advance knowledge and advanced knowledge as to what to expect so that you are not caught off guard and can plan the client’s file work accordingly.
  • CRA’s views and guidance on typical areas and deductions that relate to small business clients including home office deductions, vehicle expenses and employee benefits.
  • A detailed and updated look at matters related to shareholder loans and benefits including various pitfalls and traps to avoid and strategies on dealing with shareholder transactions which are a critical area in our accounting and advisory functions to owner-managed clients.
  • A look at recent practitioner workshops and approaches to dealing with various tax filing positions and practice approaches. Tap into this knowledge to help guide you in your practice and determine the areas to focus your attention and resources.

Once you have completed this course, you will have a thorough understanding of the current corporate tax environment and what you can expect to deal with in a corporate tax practice focusing on small businesses.


Course Walkthrough

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  • Client Risk Determination
  • Recording
  • Early adoption of Canadian Standards on Related S...
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About the Instructor(s)

Picture of Ian DiNovo
Ian DiNovo

Ian has been in involved in accounting & public practice for over 20 years, where he has consulted with hundreds of businesses and prepared thousands of Canadian personal and corporate tax returns.

Canadian Tax Academy is a unique and innovative learning enterprise dedicated to passing his knowledge and experience to students, new practitioners and others interested in private practice and accounting and bookkeeping businesses through web-based tutorials and courses.

He delivers comprehensive and practical courses and training in the areas of Canadian personal and corporate tax.

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