Financial Statement Fraud

Financial statement fraud is one of the few frauds typically conducted by numerous individuals, often involving the senior members of the organization.  The most costly of all reported frauds, financial statement fraud according to the ACFE has a mean average of $800,000 per case.  Double-entry bookkeeping has been with us since 1340, but assets being on the same side as expenses will always allow people with ingenuity to manufacture financial statements.  As some people say, our books are balanced 50% is genuine and 50% is made up.   

The presentation will look at a number of case studies and will show what happened, who the main players were, how the fraud was perpetrated and what were the penalties if any. 

14 Jan 2021, 11:00 AM

1.5 CPD hours


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About the Instructor(s)

Picture of Alessandra Leggio
Alessandra Leggio

Alessandra is a CPA licensed in both Canada and Florida and is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian.  She has a wealth of experience from working at the big four, including working on the “Panama papers.” She has extensive experience working with mining clients and engagements related to FCPA and CFPOA compliance. She currently has her own boutique forensic accounting firm.

Picture of Dave Oswald
Dave Oswald

Dave Oswald is a trained Chartered Accountant with a passion for uncovering fraud or error.  His global, multi-national experience spans over 20 years, having led investigations in high-level C-Suite executive cases with success. Dave has extensive experience in Data Preservation and Review, Computer Forensics, Data Analytics and General Fraud Reviews. Dave has testified in Federal Court in the United States of America as an expert witness, has interviewed numerous suspects and witnesses and has given evidence in internal disciplinary proceedings.

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