Shareholders Agreements: Why They’re Like Buying Insurance

Why buy insurance? Can you imagine seriously asking that question if you own a home? What are the odds your home will burn to the ground in an urban neighborhood? 1%? 5% and yet no one would consider not having home insurance. Got your attention? What are the odds something nasty, and maybe catastrophic, could happen in your business – a death, a divorce, a shareholder fight? A lot higher than 1%! And yet, how many business partners don’t have Shareholders Agreement Insurance? Time to insure!

17 Nov 2021, 2:00 PM

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Picture of David Shlagbaum
David Shlagbaum

David is a business lawyer and a facilitator and the Managing Principal at DSBL Business Law.

David has been working with Business Owners and Family Enterprises for more than 35 years, helping them structure business and shareholder arrangements and guiding them through the succession and estate planning process. David also has an extensive background in advising Business Owners on the sale and purchase of their businesses and in helping them maximize value by positioning their business for a sale. 

In addition to his Law degree, David has a Psychology degree and has certification in Family Business Advising, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation and has presented widely on business transition issues.

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