SME Succession Solution & Flexsourcing - The New Work World

There are two topics for this webinar:

1. SME Succession Solution: Increase the Value of the Business by 400-1000%

    Speaker: John Mill, LL.M. of Connected Culture

2. Flexsourcing - The New Work World

    Speaker: Jeff Chorlton, P.Eng, MBA of Flexserv

23 Oct 2017, 7:00 PM

2 CPD hours


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Course Description

1. SME Succession Solution: Increase the Value of the Business by 400-1000%

Speaker: John Mill LL.M.

   - Private Company Taxation proposals make value creation an ideal planning strategy 

   - Financial Planning: calculating the value gap

   - How to increase transferable value

   - Where an owner should spend their time

   - Barriers to engagement: a call to action

   - Facilitation for alignment

2. Flexsourcing - The New Work World

Speaker: Jeff Chorlton, P.Eng, MBA

Ninety-Eight Percent of the businesses in Canada have fewer than 100 employees. In the past 20 years, how we work has changed dramatically. Long ago, Western society came up with the notion of a 40 hour work week. Laws were passed around this number and now the Employment Standards Act is very clear about hours of work. The concept of one job equals a fixed number of hours often does not fit the small or mid-size business. With the use of technology and better management techniques, our jobs now require us to be more nimble.

Job security is a thing of the past. Organizations are forced to re-align to stay competitive and whether or not they want to keep staff, they often have no choice but to make changes in their workforce. Non-standard work hours and a lack of job security have thus become the norm.

So how do we re-invent ourselves to use these changes to our advantage? How do we build our own job security? Jeff Chorlton, President & CEO of Flexserv, will speak on how to take advantage of the structural inefficiencies between supply and demand of skilled staff in the small and mid-sized environment. Changing how you define your work life can lead to significant competitive advantage. Learn about Flexsourcing and how it has already begun to profoundly change the work environment.

The cost of the webinar is $59 (+tax), which you can pay by any credit card. You will earn two hours of PD credits when you register. We are pleased to offer an easy, inexpensive and enjoyable way to meet your PD requirements. 

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About the Instructor(s)

Picture of Jeff Chorlton
Jeff Chorlton

Jeff Chorlton, P.Eng, MBA

Jeff spent the first half of his career consulting for large corporates and government, doing large scale IT strategies and implementations. By the end of his corporate life 18 years ago, his legacy was to have sold the largest engagement ever for PwC in Canada – a record that still stands today. Overall, Jeff sold $350 million in consulting and accounting work while at Accenture and PwC.

In 1999, Jeff joined the entrepreneurial world and went on to manage Canadian operations of an SAP integration firm that went public. He subsequently ran two other tech organizations and while doing so, noticed a gap in the corporate services market. As a result, he went on to found Flexserv in 2011.

For the past 25 years, Jeff has also served on a variety of corporate, not-for-profit and charitable Boards. 

Picture of John Mill
John Mill

The presenter John Mill, LL.M., MBO Coach, formerly a tax lawyer for 25 years, has been working in the area of small business succession planning for 10 years. He is the author of Hire Your Buyer and currently works as an MBO (management buyout) Coach, and professional speaker on management buyout topics.

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