Working with Clients to Develop Cyber Security, Risk Management & Insurance Strategies

There will be two topics covered during this webinar:

1. How accounting firms can stay engaged with 3rd party subject experts, helping their clients throughout the process

    Speakers: Shawn Heulin of Discovernet & Rowan Scholtz of ABP LLP (Abrahamse Berkis Pinto) 

2Introduction and update on business insurances that affect your firm and your clients

    Speakers: Judi Smith & Maurice Audet of AON Risk Solutions

18 Sep 2017, 7:00 PM

2 CPD hours


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Course Description

1. How accounting firms can stay engaged with 3rd party subject experts, helping their clients throughout the process

Shawn Huelin of Discovernet and Rowan Scholtz of ABP LLP (Abrahamse Berkis Pinto) will explain how they have been working together to help one of their mid-sized manufacturing client to understand their IT Risk exposure, their challenges and the issues they really need to take on.  This case will show how, an accountant (the client's trusted advisor), can leverage off 3rd party expertise to help their clients, assess issues and solve problems. Mr. Heulin will also discuss common IT related risks that are common to accounting firms and SMEs.  

2. Introduction and update on business insurances that affect your firm and your clients

Judi Smith and Maurice Audet of AON Risk Solutions will give attendees insight into Umbrella’s, D&O, E&O and cyber insurance coverage.  They will also discuss 1st party claims, best practices and current trends in business insurance. They know it is important for an accounting firm to have conversations with their clients about all types of risk. While cyber insurance is not a new product, it is evolving quickly. They will explain the key things of which to be aware when analyzing insurance policies as not all policies are the same.

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Course Walkthrough

  • Judi Smith's & Maurice Audet's Presentation
  • Shawn Huelin's & Rowan Scholtz's Presentation
  • Judi Smith's & Maurice Audet's Recording
  • Shawn Huelin's & Rowan Scholtz's Recording
  • Working With Clients to Develop Cyber Security, Risk Management & Insurance Strategies
  • Feedback / comments

About the Instructor(s)

Picture of Maurice Audet
Maurice Audet

Maurice Audet started his insurance career in 1973 after completing a Masters Degree in Political Science at Simon Fraser University. Maurice is a Senior Vice President at Aon Risk Solutions and has worked for Aon for nearly 25 years.  Maurice’s activities include designing and implementing risk management solutions for clients in the fields of real estate, construction, engineering and independent power. In addition, Maurice is a resource for Aon offices and is actively involved in researching and keeping abreast of insurance related case law.

Maurice is a frequent contributor to seminars related to insurance and insurance law and has authored numerous articles, including a book addressing many of the issues involved in insuring a construction project.

Picture of Shawn Huelin
Shawn Huelin

Shawn Huelin is the CEO and founder of Discovernet. 

Discovernet's main focus is to make sure technology is an asset to your business, not a cost centre. For 20+ years, they have focused on application development and Security. Shawn brings a common sense sense business approach to help companys protect themselves their clients and their data.

Picture of Rowan Scholtz
Rowan Scholtz
Picture of Judi Smith
Judi Smith

Areas of Focus

Judi’s primary areas of expertise are manufacturing, engineering & construction firms.  Judi uses extensive knowledge to counsel business owners to help them understand and properly address their risk. Many business owners spend valuable resources in areas that really do not require as much energy and often neglect more important areas of their risk.

Judi guides clients through the risks associated with managing their supply chain, navigating   government regulations, keeping companies aware of threats like cyber, crime, employment practices and account receivable best practices using an engaging & common sense approach to risk management.


Judi earned a Certified Risk Management (CRM) designation in 2009 from McMaster University and also completed the Chartered Insurance Professional program (CIP) in 2013. Judi has started to work on her Fellowship designation.

Associations and Affiliations

Judi is connected to the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada and is active in a variety of associations like Automotive Parts Manufacturing Association, the Ontario Aerospace Council and the Southern Ontario Defence Association and the Manufacturing Innovation Network.
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