Long Term Care Planning & Representing Taxpayers in Tax Disputes with CRA

There will be two topics covered during this webinar:

1. Long Term Care Planning: What Is It And Why Should My Clients Care?
    Speaker: Karen Henderson, CPCA of Long Term Care Planning Network

2. Representing Taxpayers in Tax Disputes with CRA

    Speaker: Richard Yasny, LL.M.

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Course Description

1. Long Term Care Planning: What Is It And Why Should My Clients Care?

Speaker: Karen Henderson, Hon. BA, CPCA

Every day 1000+ Canadians turn 65; approximately 50% of these will need some form of long term care after age 75.*

The problem is, however, that too few of us can answer the following care questions: If something were to happen to me, who would take care of me? How would I pay for that care?

The vast majority of us want to age with dignity and control. But that takes long term care planning, and this planning— which involves more than just money—needs to be a part of every financial and/or retirement plan written today.

This session will include:

  • The odds of needing long term care
  • Gaps in the long term health care system
  • Role of governments
  • Home vs. facility care
  • Undeniable threat of Alzheimer’s disease/related dementias
  • Unique risks women face

 Ample resources will also be provided. 

*Statistics Canada: Health Expectancy in Canada

2. Representing Taxpayers in Tax Disputes with CRA

Speaker: Richard Yasny, LL.M.

In 2015-2016, CRA completed 31,000 small and medium enterprise income tax audits, 68,000 GST/HST audits, and reviewed over 715,000 payroll accounts.  Nearly half of taxpayers are unrepresented in Tax Court and likely at earlier stages also. This seminar gives you an overview of the tax disputes process from audit through Tax Court and collections.

  • Audit – how to reduce the risks
  • Objection – time limits, conditions, and skipping it
  • Tax Court – how to file an appeal and present the case.  (Accountants can represent taxpayers in the Informal Procedure for disputes of nearly $250,000 of small business income or about $135,000 of personal income per tax year and almost $400,000 of GST taxable supplies.) 
  • Collection – CRA powers and how to deal with them, including garnishment, and “memo assessments” against related parties of tax debtors or directors of corporations
  • Other remedies – taxpayer relief for interest and penalties, 10-year T1 adjustments, remission orders, and bankruptcy proposals

The cost of the webinar is $59 (+tax), which you can pay by any credit card. You will earn two hours of PD credits when you register. We are pleased to offer an easy, inexpensive and enjoyable way to meet your PD requirements. 

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events.  Should you have any ideas for topics, speakers, or anything else, feel free to contact Melanie Russell, CPA, CA, CBV, CIM, CFE, CFF, ABV at 416-488-9590 x 225. 

Course Walkthrough

  • Richard Yasny's Presentation
  • Karen Henderson's Presentation
  • Karen Henderson - Advisors & Elder Abuse
  • Richard Yasny's Recording
  • Karen Henderson's Recording
  • December 5, 2017 GTAAN Event
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About the Instructor(s)

Picture of Karen Henderson
Karen Henderson

Karen Henderson Hon. BA, CPCA


Long Term Care Planning Network





As the result of a life changing 14 - year dementia care experience, Karen founded the Long Term Care Planning Network, Canada’s leading resource centre for aging and long term care planning and education. Her seminar series, web site, print and electronic tools are recognized as key long term care educational resources for Canadians and their families.

Karen is a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging and is author of a unique series of print resources including: The 10-Step Long Term Care Planner.

Karen has helped a wide range of Canadians and their families, professional advisors and employers understand the implications of aging and long term care on financial, personal and family well-being.

During COVID-19 Karen has been interviewed several times on CBC radio and has contributed to the Globe and Mail.

Picture of Richard Yasny
Richard Yasny

Richard Yasny, LL.M., is a lawyer who began his law practice in 1992 in the tax group of a full-service law firm in Toronto and after worked in the international tax group of a multinational accounting firm.  He now represents clients exclusively in their income tax and GST/HST disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency, from audits and objections through to appeals to the Tax Court of Canada.  He has authored many articles on technical topics and tax litigation for various publications and assists in the editing of The Practitioner's Income Tax Act, The Practitioner's Goods and Services Tax Annotated, and the Canada GST Service/Taxnet Pro GST/HST commentary.

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